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Waiter: free from gluten please! – Where to eat Italian delicacies in Spain

I love being a celiac!
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The best gluten free Italian dishes that can be found in Spain: pizzas, pastas and more. Italian delicacies around Spain, as recommended by CeliCity users.

¡Mamma mia!




Carrer de Santa Bárbara, 50 – Castellón de la Plana (Comunidad Valenciana)
Phone: 96 420 61 49
Web: www.letrusco.es

CeliCity users say:

They offer macaroni, spaghetti and ravioli stuffed with ham and cheese (all without gluten)


Pizza Jardín


Calle Autonomía, 2 – Santander (Cantabria)
Phone: 94 239 18 81
Web: www.pizzajardinsantander.com

CeliCity users say:

The pizzas are very good, thin crust and you can top with any ingredient on the menu. Recommended for Families with children




Passeig Jaume I, 14 – Salou (Cataluña)
Phone: 97 738 02 24
Web: www.goretti.veziko.com

CeliCity users say:

They serve gluten free pizza bases and prepare the sauces and flavours according to the menu. They use a separate iron pan to cook without gluten.

Prepare most meals without gluten. Lots of variety!




Carrer de Lluçmajor, 168 – Palma de Mallorca (Islas Baleares)
Phone: 97 191 81 61
web: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pizzarella/1499416987011056

CeliCity users say:

Great homemade Italian style pizza. Moderately priced, they offer delivery too


Il Forno


Calle de la Ciruela, 24 – Ciudad Real (Castilla La Mancha)
Phone: 92 627 11 33
Web: www.ilforno.es

CeliCity users say:

Ambar Beer (gluten free), pizza, bread and macaroni, spaghetti and tagliatelli without gluten. They adapt sauces as well

All of these places and many more can be found in CeliCity app, which you can download in the App Store and Google Play, in both Spanish and English versions.


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