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An express guide of gluten-free restaurants in Paris

Hello everyone! As you might have realized from the previous interview, I’m very fond of traveling and discovering new places. I’m also aware that venturing to go exploring the world […]
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Between celiacs we must help each other

As I told you in my first post, I work in Industrial Marketing for a Catalan company exporting more than 95% of the turnover. This means, that whether for attending […]

Gluten Free Off-road (4×4) Trial

Last weekend we went to see an off road trial in the Motor Parc Vallgorguina. We had discussed with Josep (the coordinator) the possibility of signing our own car in, […]

Celikatessen interview

Hello to everyone! Today we open a new interview section with a very special entrepreneur: the founder and creator of Celikatessen, at the Gluten Free Fair BCN Gluten Free held […]