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Sweet route through Barcelona

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When you are celiac or gluten intolerant, one of the things you miss the most is sweet treats such as cakes, cookies, biscuits, etc. And of course, bread. Blessed bread!

So when a person is diagnosed as a celiac, one of the first things that he or she does is to seek suitable alternatives in this area. At first, out of fear, I resorted to packaged readymade gluten free bread and pastries, but if you like cooking (like I do!), you slowly dare to try creating your own sweet treats. In that sense, we are very fortunate to have blogs that for long have been experiencing and offering us great recipes to fulfill our appetite for bread and sweets. These are Pikerita, Sin gluten, Celiaquines and countless more!

But halfway between the packaged products and homemade… restaurant and coffee owners have emerged, either adapting their local host products, offering gluten-free treats or creating places with 0% gluten, so that we can enjoy these delicacies.

Today we go for a walk in Barcelona, to discover some of these places that you have made known to us through the app CeliCity, where eating gluten free bread or sweets is not a problem.

Granja Viader (c/Xuclà, 4-6): the place where the Cacaolat was first developed, has updated their offering by including gluten free chocolate and biscuits.


granja viader      foodspotting


Forn Enrich (c/del Cisne, 2 ): it looks like the old bakery round the corner, “with many offering gluten-free bread and pastries”, as Jesus posted through CeliCity .

0% Gluten (c/Pobla de Lillet, 5): workshop exclusively dedicated to gluten-free products. They offer different types of bread and sweets like cookies, cakes and all things alike. They also sell flour and offer advice, training courses and workshops. CeliCity recommends to call ahead to pre-order.

Forn Boix (c/Xuclà, 23): Bread and pastries (cookies, plum cakes, biscuits) suitable for celiacs in the heart of Barcelona.


Celicosas      celicosas2


Xocoa Petritxol (c/Petrixtol 2B, 18): in the street par excellence of chocolate in Barcelona, celiacs may also find their place in this shop with tasty gluten-free products. Through CeliCity , Joan tells us: “Many types of cookies. Delicious!”.

Milola (c/Bonaire, 15 Mataró): although this pastry shop is not strictly in Barcelona city , we could not finish this list without naming it because they are a benchmark in terms of pastry without gluten. They are in Mataro, but soon they will move to another location, where they will also open a workshop and online selling facilities. Meanwhile you can enjoy your cakes, cupcakes , cookies, coca de Sant Joan , roscones Kings , all without gluten and also suitable for other intolerances . A sweet sanctuary and a landmark well worth a visit.


brownie-chocolate-frambuesa-sin-gluten      pastel-chocolate-frutos-rojos


Do you know of any of other hidden gems? When visiting Barcelona, did you come about any other hidden sweet paradise, that we can’t miss? Please share it with the CeliCity community through our app.

Images courtesy of Foodspotting, Celicosas and Milola.

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