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CeliCity is the most up to date network of gluten-free restaurants and shops and one of the largest and most active gluten-free communities already present in more than 25 countries, with thousands of places offering food for celiacs. Thanks to our huge community of users and to the Apple Store and RuralApp who chose us as one of the best new apps, we are now the most important app in the free from gluten industry in Spain, with rapid growth globally. If you are celiac, or if you are following a gluten free diet (paleodiet), this is your app to find the places you want for your diet requirements.


Thousands of gluten free places can be found thanks to our app, through its search, live map and geo-localisation functions. All for free!


When you find a new venue, you can upload it in the app and share it with the community


Help our community by rating venues, detailing which food offering they have and publishing the price range

You make CeliCity possible

Thanks to everyone for making CeliCity a huge community in constant growth, which enables us to keep developing our social mission.
Together we are stronger! :-)








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